Elyse's Magical Moment in "Princessland"

If there's anyone who loves princesses and all things pink and sparkly, it's Elyse — a five-year-old wish kid from Make-A-Wish® Atlantic Provinces. Elyse has an extensive collection of princess outfits and she loves dressing up in them. But her favourite princess by far, is Ariel; she smiles from ear-to-ear when she speaks of "The Little Mermaid".

Elyse was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, when she was just three years old. She had to go through a stem cell transplant and six months of chemotherapy, which lasted until March 2015 — an extensive ordeal for anyone, especially one as young as Elyse. She kept busy and passed her time during treatment by indulging in her favourite things: painting, colouring, and playing with her family. One topic sure to draw a positive response and a beautiful smile during her treatment was that of princesses — they acted as an anchor through Elyse's health obstacles.

When it came time to choose her one true wish, Elyse knew she wanted to go to Disney World® — a place she referred to as "Princessland". She wanted to go and visit all the princesses, but she especially wanted to meet Ariel. 

Elyse and her family enjoyed a care-free trip of a lifetime. Her mom, Erica, told us: “Elyse lived in the moment. She glowed. It was totally a positive experience. She knew this wish was special for what she had to go through. Elyse loved the rides. She was enchanted by the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. None of the kids knew these things existed.” The experience was truly one that the entire family will treasure forever. 

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