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    Miranda's Wish | to go to Hawaii

    • Miranda's Wish to go to Hawaii

    Miranda lives with a rare and life-threatening condition, systemic juvenile arthritis (JA). Once very active in soccer and volleyball, Miranda is now limited by the effects of her disease. Like most children with systemic JA, she lives with severe joint pain and swelling, high fevers and rashes over her body. Most...

    Braden's Wish

    Braden is a happy eight-year-old young man. He plays baseball in the summers and is in Beavers and Scouts! He loves all marine animals, including turtles, whales, and penguins.

    Finding out he had Cancer was a very hard time for Braden and his family. We were so happy to


    Katie's Wish

    The Warrior Princess

    Five-year-old Katelynn, better known as Katie, from Shelburne, NS is an energetic, playful, intelligent, and precious princess! Katie loves the outdoors, going for walks, doing crafts, reading, watching TV and playing with Lego, and of course she loves princesses.

    Katie has been a brave and fearless


    Brynn's Wish

    She was born to be a princess!

    4 year old Brynn from East Centerville, NB is always full of energy and joy! This artistic prodigy can be found doodling away in her colouring books, or painting a masterpiece. She also loves to get her hands dirty doing crafts, or relaxing...

    David's Wish

    Getting mischievous with the Minions

    Seven-year-old David from Upper Tantallon, NS is an inspiring actor. He is quick witted, funny, and loves to be on stage; so what better way to announce that his wish would be granted than after his star performance as the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland? Taking...

    Sierra's Wish

    A Princess and her Queen!

    Sierra is a fun loving three-year-old who is very active! She is definitely a summer goddess. She loves the sun, water and beaches. She jumps on any opportunity she gets to go play in some warm water. The only thing Sierra loves more than the...

    Zoe's Wish

    Aloha Hawaii!

    Zoe is a bright 15-year-old young lady. Zoe is pretty similar to other girls her age, she has jumped on the very popular Grey’s Anatomy train! Probably because it’s a 15 season long romantic comedy which is her favourite genre of movies. She loves makeup, shopping and


    Parker's Wish

    The meeting of two superheroes

    Parker is a high energy six-year-old. Now that the summertime sun is shining bright, Parker is keeping busy by swimming, running around with his sister, playing outside and spending those rainy days inside playing video games or with his Lego set.

    Parker loves superheroes, and


    Dylan's Wish

    Hitting the Slopes!

    Thirteen-year-old Dylan from New Brunswick is an active young man who has the athletic gene. Dylan is involved in competitive swimming, plays on his school’s basketball team, plays baseball in the summer and of course, he loves to ski!

    When Dylan was diagnosed with cancer he had...

    Holly's Wish

    Snow Princess

    Eight-year-old Holly from Newfoundland and Labrador is a social butterfly and loves to be surrounded by the positive energy her family brings. Especially when she gets to visit nan and pops at their cabin! One of her favourite activities to do with her family is to go for...