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    Jacob's Wish | to meet Lightning McQueen

    Jacob from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, loves visiting the doctor. For him, it’s always an adventure and a chance to be fussed over by nice, caring people. That’s the perfect attitude for a little boy with a life-threatening condition. Placed on life support just days after his first heart surgery, Jacob has...

    EJ's Wish | to meet John Cena

    It’s amazing when someone with a big heart for fun, laughter and living should be saddled with a real heart in need of repair. But that’s just the case for EJ. Just six years old, EJ is blessed with a big appetite for life. He loves to read Spiderman books...

    Katlyn's Wish | to have a 3D Sony TV

    • Katlyn's Wish

    Name:             Katlyn

    Age:                7

    Illness:            Hypoloplastic Left Heart Syndrome

    Wish:              to have a 3D TV


    Katlyn was born with Severe Combined Immuno- deficiency (SCIDS), a group of inherited disorders that cause severe malfunctioning of the immune system.  The disease directly affects the white blood cells in bone marrow and thymus gland that...