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    Elyse's Magical Moment in "Princessland"

    • Elyse's Wish to go to Princessland

    If there's anyone who loves princesses and all things pink and sparkly, it's Elyse — a five-year-old wish kid from Make-A-Wish® Atlantic Provinces. Elyse has an extensive collection of princess outfits and she loves dressing up in them. But her favourite princess by far, is Ariel; she smiles from ear-to-ear when she speaks of "The...

    Sydney's Wish | to have a home entertainment system

    A bright young woman with a keen mind and creative imagination, it’s no wonder math is Sydney’s favorite subject. Sydney is from New Glasgow, NS. A self-proclaimed “technology” geek, she uses her love of numbers, knowledge of computers and creative imagination to design...

    Abigail's Wish | to go camping with friends

    • Abigail's Wish to go camping with her friends

    There was one happy camper in Cape Breton last June. Abigail from Eskasoni, Nova Scotia, wished “to go camping with my friends”. Nine year old Abigail is undergoing treatments for leukemia.

    Just before her school year ended, her...

    Michael's Wish | to go to Legoland

    Michael is growing up fast. Just 9-years old, he can already help his Dad fix the family car. Michael is also an honorary firefighter with an official helmet -- a gift from the local fire station after he was diagnosed with leukemia last spring.

    In fact, the whole town of...

    Parker's Wish | to go on a ski vacation

    In 2011, Parker was 10 years old. He was mid-way in fighting a serious battle with leukemia. Since being diagnosed, he has continued to live his life, exuding his positive attitude and energetic spirit daily. He fills his days with favorite hobbies like Lego, reading, playing his guitar, playing hockey, and snowboarding. Even though he went go...

    Maya's Wish | to be a ballerina

    • Maya instructs National Ballet Dancers

    If there’s a kid destined for the stage, it’s little Maya. Five year old Maya is brimming with dramatic talent. Full of expression and personality, Maya loves to sing and dance—especially ballet and tap. Even when she’s not at dance school, Maya loves to put her tap shoes on and make some noise!...