Brynn's Wish

She was born to be a princess!

4 year old Brynn from East Centerville, NB is always full of energy and joy! This artistic prodigy can be found doodling away in her colouring books, or painting a masterpiece. She also loves to get her hands dirty doing crafts, or relaxing watching Disney films (especially ones with princesses); but her heart is owned by her kitty cat, Waffles. This energetic, busy girl is always on the move, but she has to be, she herself is a princess in training, and royal duties don’t take a break!

Diagnosed with kidney cancer at the young age of 2, Brynn continues to bring joy and smiles to everyone who knows her. Brynn’s treatments were long and enduring. She had her left kidney removed, along with numerous other surgeries, and on top of that she received many rounds – 14 to be exact - of chemotherapy. Through these experiences, Brynn carried on, and her strength and resilience were noted by everyone in her community. Brynn told Make-A-Wish that the best day she ever had was “when [she] was able to go back to daycare [to play with her friends] after finishing chemo”. Her friends, both pretend and real, are very important to Brynn, and she has some royal friends as well.

Brynn’s one true wish was to meet princesses, so Make-A-Wish sent her to where all of the princesses live; Disney World! Brynn has grown up watching princess films, and she dreamed of having “a tea party with the princesses”, what’s more royal than a tea party? She danced with her princess friends, and enjoyed all the magic Disney had to offer.  

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