Gabrielle's Wish

Glamour, Fame & Shopping

Fourteen-year-old Gabrielle from New Brunswick is full of personality, and she is the life of the party! Her quirky style of liking 80’s music, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, baking, art and make-up keeps her busy most days.
Gabrielle lives with autoimmune diseases that makes her daily routine a bit different than the rest of her friends. Needles, pills and treatments run throughout the day, however, it doesn’t stop Gabrielle from hanging out with her friends. She even said the best day she ever had was ‘jumping off rocks into the water at the beach with my friend’. Throughout the pain, and medications, she is just like any other fourteen-year-old.
Gabrielle loves make-up and nice things so it wasn’t a surpirse when she wished to go on a shopping spree in the shopping centre of the world, New York City. Make-A-Wish Atlantic Provinces, along with the generous support of Brokering Wishes New Brunswick, is granting Gabrielle’s wish to go to the Big Apple! Over the holidays, we revealed to Gabrielle which wish we were granting, and the video her dad took says how excited she is. Crying and screaming “New York, I’m going to New York” really showcases how excited she is to become a shopoholic. Thank you for the generous support from all the Mortgage Brokers for making Gabrielle’s one true wish come true.

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