Holly's Wish

Snow Princess

Eight-year-old Holly from Newfoundland and Labrador is a social butterfly and loves to be surrounded by the positive energy her family brings. Especially when she gets to visit nan and pops at their cabin! One of her favourite activities to do with her family is to go for car rides.

Holly was born with a seizure disorder and Cerebral palsy making her day to day life quite different than yours. She requires a wheel chair and a variety of daily medications. Holly has many things that keep her days full. Music is one of her favourite subjects, she watches the wiggles when they’re on television and eats pizza and chocolate every chance she gets!

When Holly found out she was having a wish granted, she immediately knew she wanted to meet Ana from frozen! Cue Disney World! Holly, alongside her parents and her brother spent a week in the sun enjoying all of the fun Orlando  has to offer. Her wish came true and it was definitely a magical moment, full of smiles, laughs and warmth.

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