Miranda's Wish | to go to Hawaii

Miranda lives with a rare and life-threatening condition, systemic juvenile arthritis (JA). Once very active in soccer and volleyball, Miranda is now limited by the effects of her disease. Like most children with systemic JA, she lives with severe joint pain and swelling, high fevers and rashes over her body. Most living with this disease are anaemic and develop severe arthritis in many joints that persists into adulthood. A common side effect is eye inflammation causing glaucoma, scars and cataracts. The ever-present danger with systemic JA is the possibility and onset of inflammation of the organs such as the liver, spleen lymph nodes or pericardium (the tissue surrounding the heart) all of which can be fatal.

Her most cherished wish was to go on a family trip to Hawaii, to ease the pain of her joints in the warm waters of the blue Pacific. Miranda's wish came true in early March 2014. While on her March Break from school, she flew from her hom outside Fredericton, NB all the way across the globe to Ohau, Hawaii!!! Through our "wish-connection" with Make-A-Wish Hawaii, Miranda was treated to luxury at the Sheraton on famous Waikiki Beach! She surfed, participated in a luau and soaked up as much of the sun and the beauty around her as she could. #WishGranted !!!

Special thanks to Dany & Catherine Falle of Lincoln, New Brunswick whose annual Lincoln Lights Show raises over $10,000 each year to help grant wish of a New Brunswick child.

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