Parker's Wish

The meeting of two superheroes

Parker is a high energy six-year-old. Now that the summertime sun is shining bright, Parker is keeping busy by swimming, running around with his sister, playing outside and spending those rainy days inside playing video games or with his Lego set.

Parker loves superheroes, and he himself had to be one while he was going through cancer treatment. Pills, needles, and doctor visits were his world, but he was able to escape into the superhero world whenever he got the chance. When Parker found out he could wish for anything in the world, It was easy for him to pick.

With the funds raised from our golf tournament in August, we were able to send Parker and his entire family to Orlando to meet the Avenger, Captain America himself, Parker's favourite superhero! Not only did Parker just get to meet Captain America but he met bunch of other superheros as well, including Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Black Widow. With the rest of their time in Orlando they got to meet some adorable dolphins, go on some awesome rides and just enjoy each others company without worrying about an illness.

Thank you to our supporters for helping to grant wishes like Parker's. Without the incredible support from people like you, we would not be able to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

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