Philip's Wish | to be a Super Hero ...

The New Year started out with cheers and applause at Halifax Stanfield International Airport when on Friday, January 2nd wish child, Philip, dawned his cape and mask to become Super P and help WestJet out of a bit of a tight spot. With the "key to the plane" missing, our super hero was off "faster than a speeding bullet" to search the departures area to make sure that flight left on time. 

And being a super hero and helping others is this Kingston, NS native’s passion.  At just 5 year-old, Philip is wise beyond his years, determined to achieve all he sets his mind to.  So it's no surprise that with the help of a great team at the airport, Super P was able to find the key and save the day!  With all set to right, Philip and his family set out on their journey for his ultimate wish to travel to Florida and meet his favorite super hero, Spiderman among many more!  And meet him he did … on his birthday no less!

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