Sierra's Wish

A Princess and her Queen!

Sierra is a fun loving three-year-old who is very active! She is definitely a summer goddess. She loves the sun, water and beaches. She jumps on any opportunity she gets to go play in some warm water. The only thing Sierra loves more than the beach is princesses. It was no surprise to find out her favourite princess is Moana since the two of them are very similar. They both love the sea, are strong-willed and are both beautiful princess.

When Sierra was going through her cancer treatment her Moana like traits came in handy. She had to fight and stay strong while getting frequent needles, treatments and going to regular hospital visits. Luckily Sierra’s bright smile, that can light up a room is very contagious, so she was able to bring happiness at a hard time.

When Sierra found out her wish was being granted she knew exactly who she wanted to meet. This October Make-A-Wish Atlantic Provinces sent Sierra and her whole family to Orlando to meet Moana. It was a very special moment and meant a lot to her family. Alongside Moana, Sierra was able to meet tons of other princess too! She smiled her way through the Disney Parks, making sure to play in every splash pool she could!

Thank you to our generous supporters who help make wishes like Sierra’s come true. A wish gives a child hope and excitement at a very hard time in their life.

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