Sydney's Wish | to have a home entertainment system

A bright young woman with a keen mind and creative imagination, it’s no wonder math is Sydney’s favorite subject. Sydney is from New Glasgow, NS. A self-proclaimed “technology” geek, she uses her love of numbers, knowledge of computers and creative imagination to design her own world in “The Sims” or follow the magical world of Harry Potter. And just like the world of J.K. Rowling’s hero, Sydney is a magical version appearing ordinary but there is nothing “nerdy” about how this shy teenager is facing her battle with cancer.

Living with chronic myeloid leukemia, harder to cure than acute leukemia, cells build up over time, surviving longer, crowding out normal blood cells, decreasing Sydney’s ability to battle infection and illness.  But she knows she’ll conquer her cancer as there is always an answer to the puzzle, you just have to find it! Her wish was to have the latest and greatest technology at hand to keep learning, growing and dreaming. Now that her Sony wish came true, imagine the incredible future she’ll build for herself with all that power at her fingertips.

We surprised Sydney by shipping her off in a beautiful vehicle supplied by Enterprise Rent-A-Car in New Glasgow. She speat a night with her friends and older sister in beautiful and hisotric Pictou Lodge. This gorgeous resort actually opened their doors on the off season to help make Sydney's wish even more special! 

Thanks to the Sony Charitable Foundation, Pictou Lodge, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for helping to make Sydney's amazing technology wish come true!


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