Travis' Wish | to have a Shopping Spree

In July 2009, Travis’ family was hit with devastating news their son was diagnosed with leukemia. It’s hard to imagine the days and nights that followed. And, for most of us, we couldn’t begin to picture ourselves in their shoes. Now, 11, Travis is doing well and looking forward to having his most cherished wish come true. 

While the family might not have a lot in the way of financial wealth, they are rich in family tradition and values. When Make-A-Wish® asked Travis what his most cherished wish might be, he said, “I want to buy stuff of my own.” He made a point of telling us that he wanted to buy his own Sony laptop, his own TV with Surround Sound and PS3 gaming and a bunk bed with a futon and clothes. Way to go, Travis!

As a result of the generosity of the team of the Mayflower Mall and their merchants, Travis had the red carpet rolled out for him in August 2013. Along with little sister, Kyra, mom and stepdad, the whole family had a day no one will soon forget -- most of all, Travis.

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