Zoe's Wish

Aloha Hawaii!

Zoe is a bright 15-year-old young lady. Zoe is pretty similar to other girls her age, she has jumped on the very popular Grey’s Anatomy train! Probably because it’s a 15 season long romantic comedy which is her favourite genre of movies. She loves makeup, shopping and hangout out with her friends. Especially her dog, Jack, the best friend any teenager could ask for!

When Zoe was 14 her normal life took a bit of a turn. She found out she has Osteosarcoma cancer in her right knee. That means needles, medicine and a course of treatments were now a part of her life.

Needles and treatments aren’t nice for anyone, especially a teenager who should be going to the mall and hanging out with friends all of the time. That’s why we were so happy to add an extra bit of excitement to her life by granting her a wish. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and volunteers, we were able to grant Zoe her wish of going to Hawaii!

Zoe, Alongside her mom and dad spent a week in  beautiful Hawaii, drinking frozen daiquiris, climbing mountains, going to luaus and soaking up the sun! It was a great time for her to forget about her illness and enjoy some quality time with her parents. A wish can mean the world to children who are dealing with a very hard time in their life. Thank you for continuing to support Make-A-Wish.

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