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    Miranda's Wish | to go to Hawaii

    • Miranda's Wish to go to Hawaii

    Miranda lives with a rare and life-threatening condition, systemic juvenile arthritis (JA). Once very active in soccer and volleyball, Miranda is now limited by the effects of her disease. Like most children with systemic JA, she lives with severe joint pain and swelling, high fevers and rashes over her body. Most...

    Olivia's Wish

    Olivia is a vibrant 13-year-old who is full of life! She plays the flute and her favourite subject at school is band. When she’s not hanging out with her two cats - Sweet Pea and Hunter, she loves card-making, scrapbooking and stamp collecting. She also loves Star Wars, Harry Potter,...

    Braden's Wish

    Braden is a happy eight-year-old young man. He plays baseball in the summers and is in Beavers and Scouts! He loves all marine animals, including turtles, whales, and penguins.

    Finding out he had Cancer was a very hard time for Braden and his family. We were so happy to


    Zoe's Wish

    Aloha Hawaii!

    Zoe is a bright 15-year-old young lady. Zoe is pretty similar to other girls her age, she has jumped on the very popular Grey’s Anatomy train! Probably because it’s a 15 season long romantic comedy which is her favourite genre of movies. She loves makeup, shopping and


    Dylan's Wish

    Hitting the Slopes!

    Thirteen-year-old Dylan from New Brunswick is an active young man who has the athletic gene. Dylan is involved in competitive swimming, plays on his school’s basketball team, plays baseball in the summer and of course, he loves to ski!

    When Dylan was diagnosed with cancer he had...

    Gabrielle's Wish

    Glamour, Fame & Shopping

    Fourteen-year-old Gabrielle from New Brunswick is full of personality, and she is the life of the party! Her quirky style of liking 80’s music, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, baking, art and make-up keeps her busy most days.
    Gabrielle lives with autoimmune diseases that makes

    Elyse's Magical Moment in "Princessland"

    • Elyse's Wish to go to Princessland

    If there's anyone who loves princesses and all things pink and sparkly, it's Elyse — a five-year-old wish kid from Make-A-Wish® Atlantic Provinces. Elyse has an extensive collection of princess outfits and she loves dressing up in them. But her favourite princess by far, is Ariel; she smiles from ear-to-ear when she speaks of "The...

    Kale Takes Flight

    • W1sh-nt5

    Eight-year-old Kale from Dieppe, NB is one little firecracker! She has a smile that can light up a whole room and a heart of gold that makes you want to be a child again and just have fun. But life isn’t always fun and games for Kale… She was diagnosed...

    Alex's Wish | to see the Vancouver Canucks

    It’s the pulse of our nation; the great Canadian past time. Hockey is a staple of our culture, featured on our five-dollar bill and hockey is what young Alex is all about. 3000 miles is nothing to keep this passionate hockey fan from rooting for the Vancouver Canucks all the way...

    Randy's Wish | to go to Sesame Street

    At 13 years old, Randy has lived with a debilitating seizure disorder and Cerebral Palsy all his life leaving him with limited mobility and an inability to communicate verbally. But he’s all smiles when he watches his favorite show, Sesame Street, and all his favorite characters. So when granted his “Make-A-Wish®” wish,...