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    Rorke's Wish

    Let’s get Building!

    At two months of age, Rorke was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Over the next several years, Rorke would grow to love colouring, dancing, reading books, and just being outdoors.

    At nearly four, he was diagnosed with a condition that has him lose total muscle control


    Brandon's Wish

    A Journey Home

    Brandon, 17, loves playing on his iPad, and even though he is like any other teenage boy watching movies, and spending time with family, the best day he ever had was being a ring bearer at his aunts wedding, and it was so amazing to him because


    Sophia's Wish

    Princess and her Castle

    Four-year-old Sophia is a very active and happy young girl. She loves to play, jump, hide, skip, anything that involves moving around. When she’s not full of energy, she will most likely be watching Peppa Pig, Sailor moon or Milo. Sophia was born with a respiratory...

    Kai's Wish

    A King and his Throne

    Three-year-old Kai from is a loving, active little boy! He adores his Mom and his little sister, they spend a lot of time together. He is a big musical fan so they spend a lot of time listening to music and playing with his toys....

    Sydney's Wish | to have a home entertainment system

    A bright young woman with a keen mind and creative imagination, it’s no wonder math is Sydney’s favorite subject. Sydney is from New Glasgow, NS. A self-proclaimed “technology” geek, she uses her love of numbers, knowledge of computers and creative imagination to design...

    Addison's Wish | to enjoy camping in the outdoors

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    The first thing you notice when you meet 3-½ year old Addi, is her big beautiful smile! She lives in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, with her mom, dad, and little brother. She has two cats and a dog, and is really close with her family.

    Addi loves everything to do with being...

    Travis' Wish | to have a Shopping Spree

    In July 2009, Travis’ family was hit with devastating news their son was diagnosed with leukemia. It’s hard to imagine the days and nights that followed. And, for most of us, we couldn’t begin to picture ourselves in their shoes. Now, 11, Travis is doing well and looking forward to...

    Katlyn's Wish | to have a 3D Sony TV

    • Katlyn's Wish

    Name:             Katlyn

    Age:                7

    Illness:            Hypoloplastic Left Heart Syndrome

    Wish:              to have a 3D TV


    Katlyn was born with Severe Combined Immuno- deficiency (SCIDS), a group of inherited disorders that cause severe malfunctioning of the immune system.  The disease directly affects the white blood cells in bone marrow and thymus gland that...